Our Patient Care Transport services can help you get to and from:

  • Dialysis

  • Medical Appointments (Doctors Offices, Labs, Imaging, Procedures)

  • Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, and Personal Residencies 

  • Rehab Facilities (Inpatient and Outpatient)

  • Physical Therapy Centers

  • Airport, Cruise Terminals, and Train Stations

  • Family Events (Like Birthday Parties, Reunions, and Special Dinners)

  • Social Events (Music Concerts, Festivals, Movie Theaters, and Plays)

  • Self Care Days (Spa, Nail Salons, Malls, and wherever else you’d like to go!)

All of our non-emergency medical patient care transport services are available throughout Jacksonville and the state of Florida!


Patient Transportation Options:

We can transport patients of all ages and often work with pediatric riders. However, all of our pediatric patients must have a family member or caregiver over 18 in order to be transported.

We also offer Long Distance Medical Transport for all of our riders! So we can accommodate in state trips for ambulatory transport, wheelchair transport services, and stretcher. 

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Ambulatory Transport Services

We offer:

- Door to Door Service

- Comfortable and Clean Vehicles

- 4 Door Sedans that are easy to enter and exit

Wheelchair Transport Services

We offer:

- Door to Door Service

- Spacious wheelchair vans with lifts to help our riders enter and exit safely

- Space for your company to sit when they travel with you

Stretcher Transport Services

We offer:

- Door to door service

- Caring and mindful drivers that will make sure that you are comfortable while being assisted into and exiting the stretcher van 

- Enough space for your company to be seated comfortably during the trip


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